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June 10, 2021 Update
So I was a bit slow on getting the camps done this year.
New York cuts: G Momon, A Citro, J Matthews, E Diallo
All guys who did things in this league, but probably aren't doing many more of them.
Seattle cuts: B Blaze, J Nunez, W Wichert, D Winston, F Van Denberg, B Anderson
Well, three more like above. But, this happens every year, guys get old.
Los Angeles gets: W Locke
Delmarva gets: E1 E2
So, Delmarva gets next year's 50 camp bonus guy here.
Los Angeles signs: M Baker
Baker had a strong FA camp, so why not?
March 21, 2021 Update
Baltimore signs: J MacLagan
He's a backup kicker, but Baltimore added some flexibility with the Metzger trade.
Mexico City cuts: A Mayor, E Burkett
They were solely sleeper shots, having 13 QBs in camp still (or whatever it is) is still probably adequate.
Washington cuts: G Whiteway, E Newcomer, F McSwain, R Stillwell, J Godd, S Lodmell, W Simon, J Maddox, J Dawley, H Huskey,
     H White, S Eide, G Skystead, J Mills, J Holt, B Brown, R Jackson
I guess maybe a couple camp bodies in here, but nothing more.
Texas gets: K Murphy, G Kuppers, J Krivenko
New York gets: V Nostran, restructured contract (TEX pays $900K)
Nostran just wasn't a fit in Texas, and hadn't been for awhile.
Richmond cuts: M Baker
The moves will continue.
New York signs: T O'Brien
O'Brien falls under the classic New York camp invite that'll make the team.
Chicago cuts: E Renner, G Shallenberger
A lot of guys getting cut that probably won't see daylight.
March 15, 2021 Update
Los Angeles signs: R Brill, S Pacal, J Daviault, D McKinley
These are camp bodies.
Richmond cuts: M Gilpin, C Isby
The Richmond waiver wire is going to be very busy throughout.
New York cuts: T Tichenor, D Renix
Yeah these won't be the last of the E4 picks cut.
Delmarva cuts: A Excell
And he won't be, either.
Richmond signs: J Higginbotham, H Cole, D Robertson, T Tichenor, R Guthrie, K Shober
And definitely another example of how Richmond's going to be very active in signings.
March 11, 2021 Update
New York gets: M Metzger
Baltimore gets: $4M, M Mueller, K Vickenlooper, 2022 TEX E2
Baltimore kinda had to do a cash save trade here.
Delmarva cuts: E Wood
Congrats, the first cut of this year's draft class!
Los Angeles signs: J Napierala, I Kljavin
Not sure either makes the roster by kickoff.
New York signs: J Matthews, E Diallo
I'd say probably the same here.
March 7, 2021 Update
London gets: $2M
Seattle gets: E2-15
There's someone in there that Seattle really wanted, apparently.
Delmarva cuts: J Felder, D Giles, E Diallo, J Welker, T O'Brien, M Grondin, J Napierala, I Kljavin
There's a few guys here that will get a job somewhere.
Washington (yes I typed D.C. first) gets: E3-16
Baltimore gets: $50K
Breakers are in a financial crunch, so unless the guy's certain to make the roster, they'd rather not pay any extra cash.
March 4, 2021 Update
Richmond gets: D Kreis, T Stallworth, M Baker
Los Angeles gets: N Crain, E3
Not a bad first trade for Richmond; Crain's a guy the league is very high on, but Kreis is also pretty good.
Richmond signs: D Raber
Good inexpensive veteran addition.
Vermont signs: S Haverman, L Haywood, B Hagler, D BrownLee
Haverman has very little left in the tank at an elite level, but he's going to show it in the same place he started his career.
Houston signs: J Dawson, J Parker
Low risk deals here for the Marshals. Probably also low-reward deals.
London gets: 2022 E1
Vermont gets: E1-14, E2 if that E1 above is picks 6-10; E1 if that E1 is a top five pick
London decided their roster is fairly young right now, so they'd rather kinda push back to next year on the picks.
New York gets: E1-15
London gets: 2022 E1 E3
Seattle gets: E1-21
Vancouver Island gets: 2022 E1, $1M
Same type of thing, the Blitz have a young team and kind of want to push back on this. Cash helps, too.
New York gets: 2022 E123
Washington gets: E1-18
The Insiders…I gotta get used to that…had a target.
Delmarva gets: E1-19, P Alkaranafil, W Locke
London gets: J French
The free agency pile made this trade something the Legacy could do. French will play a lot of minutes in London.
Delmarva signs: C Riffert, N Shito
Made French a little easier to move.
Houston gets: E1-22, E3-9
London gets: C French, R Stockdale
London made the shift here to getting some "current" talent.
February 21, 2021 Update
New York cuts: D Raber
Doing the veteran a solid, offering him a shot to get a job elsewhere.
New York gets:  2022 E2
Texas gets: L Jones
Moving parts around, New York has a plan as always.  Not exactly a steep price for the Terrors, either.
Richmond cuts: A Kruse, S Pacal, N Shito, D Boll, T Maison, G White, P McGrain, C Riffert, D BrownLee
New sheriff in town, and things are getting moved around as a result.
Chicago signs: C Osbourne, L Moran, W Brockson, B Harris, M Whalen
Delmarva signs: E Kampczyk, T O'Brien
Florida signs: L Ulrich
Fort McMurray signs: H Budmister
Indianapolis signs: B Roman-Ayers, T Mimms, A Phelps, C Cooper, S Weeks, C Fetter, R Gentili
Lincoln signs: A Larsen, G Day, I Levy, L Sacks, D Pevehouse, T Rush, B Blind
Los Angeles signs: R Volk, J Owen
New York signs: B O'Dell, B James, E Ekebi, A Byron
Texas signs: G Robles
Washington signs: W Huddleston
February 15, 2021 Update
Round One bids are complete - as you'll see many of the players signed already.
Baltimore signs: K Domena, C Affinito
Chicago signs: A Torres, G Shallenberger, D Cole, R Auger
Delmarva signs: K Dunker, C Zippler, G Sunu, J Tuioti, K Denzer, D Giles, E Diallo, J Welker, R Breshears, K Iburg
     L Nosbish, Y Fenton, J Felder
Florida signs: D Kautz
Fort Worth signs: G Halbig, O Quicksilver
Los Angeles signs: T Gervasi
New York signs: G Momon, S Isaacs, A Citro, W Slevin, B Spielman
Ohio signs: H Blessig, L Zadovsky, Q Schelleneger, B Arryn, S Bolt
Richmond signs: B Nordhoff, J Sullivan, K Gibbs, J Mouton, M Sumner, A Emmons, L Lundy
Texas signs: C Halbert, J Tuioti, J Wells
Washington signs: D Andrews, B Soskin
February 2, 2021 Update
Vancouver Island gets: 2022 E1, $2M
Florida gets: VAN's four E2s in 2021
Nice deal both ways, getting something of useable value here.
January 24, 2021 Update
D.C. gets: E2-19
New York gets: N Haze, E4-14, E4-15
Haze will get the tag, and then probably start in New York.
Week 19/20 Update, 2020
D.C. signs to futures contracts: B Brown, M Quisada, O Karenten
They'll then have 30 days from the end of the aging process to see if they're going to get a 50% guaranteed (or better) deal.
Fort Worth cuts: D Giles
Giles was only there to fill out a 30-man roster, and now they have 31…
Delmarva signs to futures contracts: M Grondin, R Ogden, I Kljavin
New York signs to futures contracts: R Clemente, B Burke, D Murphy
Los Angeles signs to futures contracts: W Patterson, A Moxon
Week 17 Update, 2020
Ruidoso signs: W Huddleston
Don't think they're gonna want to need a bunch of kicking in this playoff game.
New York cuts: A Juarez
Juarez was only there until they had enough guys healthy again.
Week 16 Update, 2020
New York cuts: J Tuioti
He was only there while Krivenko wasn't, so this was a quick move.
Week 14 Update, 2020
Vermont cuts: T Cunningham
This was never a long-term thing, but hey Cunningham got a couple more touchdowns!
New York signs: A Juarez
New York cuts: B Smith
Juarez is a guy I've always liked, that could just never get a job in the league. Certainly won't be getting a starting job here, of course.
Florida signs: F Porter
Just so he can get hurt, I'm sure.
Week 13 Update, 2020
New York signs: B Smith
Smith is going to get snaps, maybe a lot of special teams, but this will be a place he can end his career with a shot at a ring.
Vermont signs: D Gozzola
Need a backup, and one that's kinda the same style as your usual starter isn't a bad idea.
Texas cuts: C Affinito
Just was never quite the fit it needed to be.
Ohio signs: J MacLagan
Yeah, not exactly the same type of kicking game going to happen here.
Week 11 Update, 2020
New York signs: J Tuioti
They need a body, and Tuioti is that.
Denver gets: T Maison
Florida gets: L Credille
Maison will fit a little better as Crain's backup in Denver, while Brake is hurt.
Delmarva cuts: T Rush
Rush could find a job elsewhere again, wouldn't be a big shock if he did.
Week 10 Update - September 4, 2020
Vermont signs: T Cunningham
Smart to get a veteran in there to get things ready.
Florida signs: A Chiaranda, K Gibbs, M Thompson
When other guys get healthy, Chiaranda may not be the cut.
Seattle signs: B Nordhoff
They like having two kickers, especially when we're back to 30 active.
London gets: E McCarty
Denver gets: N Crain, N Shito, E2
Shito doesn't really get them younger, but Crain is a guy who could lead Denver in rushing for many years down the line here.
Houston cuts: B Smith
He's running out of opportunities to do anything.
Denver cuts: S King
King may find a job somewhere else.
Indianapolis cuts: J Tuioti
Tuioti isn't a bad player at all, but Indy's doing a complete youth movement here.
Fort Worth signs: D Giles
Gotta have a couple backs.
Week 10 Update - August 30, 2020
Denver cuts: d Poole
There are things Denver needs, and right now a backup trick play OS that's old isn't one of them.
Week 9 Update - August 29, 2020
Chicago cuts: A Torres
Well, it's not as beat up now.
Week 8 Update - August 19, 2020
Chicago signs: A Torres
Torres will help a team whose DS corps is getting beat up.
Houston gets: C Murdock, R Andrews
London gets: F Harris, W Ryan, W Conner, W Brielmeyer, 2022 E1/2
Kinda surprised Houston's transitioning this to something of a "win now and only now" thing, though with a significant cost savings.
Houston signs: S Wright, B Smith, C Cole, R Stockdale
Houston cuts: J Sullivan
Well, there's roster spots open in Houston now.
Mexico City gets: L Browning
Los Angeles gets: $5M
I know the Matadors were in a real bad financial spot, but they'll hate this move going forward.
Houston gets: $100K
Indianapolis gets: D Nair
Indy should be jumping on opportunities to get young guys for just cash, which they have plenty. Not Fort Mac plenty, but plenty.
Los Angeles gets: $3M
Indianapolis gets: T Granlund
It's a lot of cash, but Indy needs young talent, and Granlund is young talent.
Indianapolis cuts: W Hoss
Hoss wasn't going to develop into much.
Houston gets: C Duncan
Mexico City gets: 2022 E3
Just a roster move to finish out the spots.
Houston signs: W Hoss
Hoss , though, gets another shot.
London cuts: M Grondin
He's actually a guy Steve could pick up next offseason.
Los Angeles signs: H Simpson, C Carmichael
They have names, for sure. Probably not long-term answers to any question, but LA needs more line depth.
Week 7 Update - August 12, 2020
New York signs: G Kuppers
An interesting deal, Kuppers definitely needs work.
Los Angeles cuts: R Stockdale
He will find a job on a team that has time to develop him.
Texas cuts: W Patterson
He might take longer to find work.
Denver signs: A Kruse
Kruse may not play, though if it gets ugly against Baltimore he may, but it's a short-term assignment because d'Ed Poole isn't much of a QB.
Week 6 Update - August 8, 2020
Delmarva signs: T Rush
Rush has been around a few places.
London gets: D Herr, S Ginez
New York gets: T Rogers
London's still in that spot where the moves to be made are really for next year. This move is another of those, though Herr probably doesn't stay.
New York signs: C Mead
So when was the last time Mexico City had a cut that went elsewhere?
Denver signs: L Kellar, H Black, F Guthrie
Finally filling out the roster in Denver.
New York gets: B Blind, E3
Florida gets: J Tuia, C Justice, $250K
Interesting move, though Blind isn't going to be there when Florida gets good.
Week 6 Update - August 4, 2020
Vermont signs: D Sepulveda
He's a fix for the next 7 weeks, nothing more, nothing less.
New York cuts: J MacLagan
Sepulveda could just be a fix for the next 7 hours, now.
Week 5 Update - August 1, 2020
Texas signs: M Dowling
It won't be long-term as when everyone's healthy he's back gone, but Dowling will get another shot for some tape.
Mexico City cuts: C Mead
It's a numbers game sometimes.
Week 4 Update - July 25, 2020
Mexico City cuts: J Rohr, B Smith, H Black
Well, Smith got a catch in his last game if I recall correctly.
Ohio cuts: A Juarez
Juarez is a guy who's been on so many rosters.
Week 4 Update - July 22, 2020
D.C. gets: D Gibson
Delmarva gets: R Evers
Well, no hard feelings from this week's game then.
New York signs: J MacLagan
With a 30-man roster, New York isn't gonna get caught with their pants down and no kicker if Zbinden gets hurt.
Houston gets: R Hollenback, M Monzano, J Sullivan
Indianapolis gets: L Tiernan, W Hoss, T Sullivan, B Heath
Indy's perpetual rebuild continues here. There are good developable pieces here. Houston won this trade by a margin, though.
Indianapolis cuts: R Auger
Now, can Auger get a job somewhere else?
Houston signs: R Zier
Good addition on the cheap.
Week 3 Update - July 17, 2020
Mexico City signs: J Rohr
Rohr's got a lot of experience in multiple spots, so this is a good injury time replacement for the Aztecs.
Reno cuts: E Brooks
Yeah, probably should have gone for a FA somewhere here.
Vancouver Island cuts: H Koga
He'll be up and down on this roster as the season goes and guys get hurt.
London gets: E3, $200K
Mexico City gets: J Conner
I'm a little surprised at this, as Conner played key minutes, but it is cheaper than a cut.
Week 2 Update - July 6, 2020
D.C. signs: J Fitzgibbons, J Larson
D.C. cuts: D Gozzola, G Kuppers
Gozzola just didn't develop how DC wanted him to.
Houston signs: B Heath
Houston cuts: E Kampczyk
The moves in Houston happen even with a win.
Mexico City signs: K Jones, C Kettlewell
Mexico City cuts: R Clemente, M Dowling
Dowling still needs a bit of work, but I don't think this is the last we've seen of him.
Seattle signs: B Nelson
Seattle always a fan of adding more young depth.
Baltimore signs: P Parker
Baltimore cuts: C Dueker
Baltimore is in contention now, the goal is to get guys to help win now.
Week 1 Update - July 4, 2020
New York cuts: C Kettlewell, H Simpson
I think both of these guys could find jobs elsewhere.
Baltimore signs: B O'Dell
Maybe not a long-term thing, but O'Dell will shore up the offensive line at least.
Reno cuts: D Cole, K Jones
Backup QBs have trouble getting jobs. KC Jones will have trouble getting a job.
Indianapolis signs: A Winsor
Indianapolis cuts: R Zier
May as well get the younger guy with a lot more upside.
London cuts: C Zippler, L Lundy, M Heflin, J Daviault
There's a couple guys that could get a look elsewhere.
Mexico City cuts: B Nelson, B Heath
Compared to last year, incredibly tough decisions here, too.
Eugene cuts: F Guthrie, A Chiaranda
Chiaranda is a guy Eugene may decide to bring back into the fold here in the future.
Week 1 Update - July 3, 2020
Fort McMurray cuts: C Cole, R Ogden, B Burke
These are guys the Fatmen probably would've kept in past years, so there's a statement on their progress.
Texas cuts: I Kljavin, C Halbert
Just not missing a lot there.
New York signs: D Raber
He's going to take a hit from the Baltimore deal, but this is why guys want the money guaranteed.
D.C. cuts: A Kruse
A bit of a surprise, but they want a little more financial flexibility, so longtime starter Kruse gets the axe.
Vancouver Island cuts: R Philbrick, R Sims
The team is young enough, they don't need projects that badly.
Chicago cuts: G Shallenberger
Another young guy that just has too far to go.
Fort Worth cuts: A Winsor, L Sacks, E Mickler, B Brown
And United has also improved, there are guys here other teams may want.
Indianapolis cuts: D Hamilton, D Giles, D Murphy, G Salati, J Allen
I don't think their moves will end here.
Week 1 Update - July 1, 2020
Philadelphia gets: C Cooper
D.C. gets: PHI E3
I mean, a backup OS is probably not a huge need, but an E3 isn't much of a price.
Baltimore cuts: D Raber
I don't love it, but I get it. That's a large payroll.
Preseason Week 2 - June 26, 2020 Update
D.C. signs: A Czerna
The Conspiracy have made a very good life by finding some of these diamonds in the rough.
New York cuts: L Slagle, D Wingate
Not sure if they're still good enough to get a job, but these are two guys who have played awhile in the league.
Indianapolis cuts: O Karenten
There's a lot of young guys that are developable, and Karenten's getting a bit long in the tooth to be one of them.
June 19, 2020 Update
New York cuts: A Czerna, A Hubbard, J Tyseling
Tyseling is a fine player, but a backup OS isn't gonna get a job all the time.
D.C. cuts: T Cunningham, D Sepulveda, H Reiss
A list of guys that used to be something.
D.C. signs: G Kuppers
Another young lineman to take a shot at building up.
Vancouver Island gets: H Koga, L Graper, E1, E2
Fort Worth gets: D Greywacz, NY E3 VAN E3
Well, they got their quarterback. This one is a huge move for United fans.
New York signs: F Zbinden
Long term replacement, I'd guess.
Houston gets: R Stuart
Florida gets: D Abou-Assaly, K Anthony
For a sleeper, DAA has moved around a lot.
Houston signs: R Ellena, E Kampczyk
Houston cuts: A Edwards, C Custance, J Larson, A Torres
Torres is a guy who should get a job elsewhers.
June 3, 2020 Update
Los Angeles cuts: K Ludeman, T Osborn, F Anthony
Three guys that used to have it, but no longer do.
Florida signs: M Frank
Frank's going to start and quickly for the Tuskers.
Florida cuts: D Fuller, W Huddleston, M Quisada, F Poley, L Kellar, K Gibbs, J Hankin, B Denley, D Pevehouse, T Rush, L Nosbush, A Moxon
So, am I gonna accidentally type Sacramento, Los Angeles, or Georgia on one of these?
May 29, 2020 Update
New York signs: H Simpson
Always trying to work all 30 roster spots.
Seattle gets: D Revalee
Philadelphia gets: W Collins, J Shea
Interesting trade, probably doesn't change a whole lot.
May 27, 2020 Update
New York cuts: R Dawson, E Guthrie
Dawson could be a guy that gets a look somewhere.
New York signs: S Isaacs
He's just not getting any sniffs, so he's gotta take an offer that he gets.
Seattle cuts: P Bierwirth
It's a tough call, but you're a contender, sometimes you have to make tough calls.
Texas gets: $250K
Seattle gets: J Nunez
Seattle isn't resting on its laurels.
London gets: L Lundy, J Daviault, SEA E1/2
Seattle gets: L Keesee
That would be one way to stop worrying about if your draft pick next year is gonna be a good player.
Mexico City cuts: M Frank, K Iburg, J Payton, E Kampczyk, G Kuppers, J Rohr
There's a mix of never weres, never will bes, and used-to-was guys here.
Mexico City signs: A Phelps
Mexico City cuts: F Zbinden
Phelps is certainly better today, but he certainly won't be tomorrow.
May 23, 2020 Update
Delmarva gets: $500K
London gets: J Loftin
It's still a half-soft rebuild for the Monarchs, but this is a good move for them to keep from having to fight for a useful guy.
Delmarva cuts: B O'Dell, C Carmichael, E Diallo
There are a few teams that should be looking at these cut lists pretty closely.
Seattle cuts: J Glosup, E Dekeater, D Szilagyi, S McGinty, C Weingardner
Now most of these may not be the types of guys those teams need to look at.
Seattle gets: $250K
Delmarva gets: F Doby
Interesting, Delmarva wasn't really looking to be in asset acquisition mode, but they felt there was an opportunity here.
New York cuts: A Citro, A Phelps, B Meisinger, R Bush
Probably a list of guys who don't have what it takes anymore.
Delmarva gets: J French, E5-18
Los Angeles gets: F Doby, J Meriwether, E Calderon
And there was the opportunity.
New York gets: C Hewitt, R Dawson, D Wingate
London gets: Comp E1, E4-8, I Chavayda, M Grondin, G Langford, M Heflin
This is another one of those semi-rebuild moves for the Monarchs; Hewitt is the best player in the deal, but Chavayda isn't an absurd dropoff.
Los Angeles signs: L Browning
Not the most total dollars, but the most per-year and he gets to FA quicker.
Indianapolis cuts: D Foglio, J Mari, L Harlan, D Ueberjohn
Indianapolis signs: L Ulrich, R Auger, R Zier
Look, it's a bad roster, but they're trying to use the FA pile to get better.
March 21, 2020 Update
Vermont signs: B Webb, B Rivera, S Graves
Nice pickups considering we're past the FAFFA stages.
March 15, 2020 Update
New York cuts: J Burgess, L Browning, M Lovelace, K Parker, A Fleming
We're not losing a lot here.
Seattle signs: J Daviault, J Glosup
Seattle may be just going for camp fodder, but it's Robb's history that every guy that makes camp has a shot to make the gameday.
Mexico City cuts: J Fitzgibbons, R Clemente, R Ellena, T Cudd, O Fairless
Well yeah, none of them were sleepers
March 9, 2020 Update
D.C. gets: E4-15 E4-20. E5-12, E5-13
Eugene gets: $100K
D.C. is going to have a war chest next year if the sleepers make it past R3.
D.C. gets: E4-21
Ruidoso gets: A Emmons
Emmons is going to help Ruidoso right now, and right now is the plan.
Vancouver Island gets: E4-17, E5-17
Ohio gets: $100K
DC can't have all the sleeper shots next year…
March 6, 2020 Update
New York gets: E3-16, E3-27, E4-9
Texas gets: $250K
Sleeper shots taken.
New York gets: E3-26
Brinkhaven gets: D Pevehouse
I like Pevehouse. He won't get extra camp, but I like him.
Chicago gets: $75K
Portland gets: E4-23, E5-23
About four hours too quick, though $75K is nothing, and you can still get camp fodder.
March 4, 2020 Update
Surprise, I did one today…
Eugene gets: R Kurtzman
Portland gets: E4-13, 2021 E3, $1M, R Mansaur
Eugene's not taking too long to reload this thing.
March 3, 2020 Update
New York signs: A Citro, J Tyseling
The FA pile is getting thin..
Chicago signs: J Pucci
Pucci has had a long career for bad teams just north on US 41 there, so why not with a good one?
Vermont gets: T Mack, B Spielman
New York gets: E3-4
A little sleeper fodder for a couple guys Vermont will use.
March 1, 2020 Update
Finally the end of FAFFA, haha
Brinkhaven signs: D Pollock, K Gibbs, M Glazer, P McLeod, T Maison
Delmarva signs: D Gibson, J Foster, J Napierala, T Rhodes
Denver signs: C Riffert, P McGrain, S King
Eugene signs: T Bedford
New York signs: D Strachan, J Krivenko, M Grondin
Ohio signs: A Juarez, B Stern, G Langley, J Porter
Seattle signs: J Shea, J Long, J Floyd, L Richetti
Texas signs: C Affinito, J Nunez
February 29, 2020 Update
First leap day roster update in OIFL history!
Delmarva gets: E1-24
Chicago gets: J Owen, L Nash
Chicago is not content with 18-1. Not for a second.
New York gets: S Maivia, T Mack
Vancouver Island gets: Q Knoy, E2-19, 2021 E3
I don't love this, but the Blitz are desperately trying to get out of the tax, so I get it.
D.C. gets: E4-22
Baltimore gets: $50K, $500K if E4-22 is a sleeper
Sleeper fishing!
Vancouver Island gets: 2021 E2
Brinkhaven gets: R Stuart
Now, the Blitz will have a slew of draft picks next year…
Vancouver Island gets: J Kratofil, D Johansen, G Robles, J Westin
Chicago gets: B Schraeder, R Ledbetter, R McIntyre
Something of a blockbuster here, and this probably just about completes the "get out of tax" sale in Nanaimo.
Eugene gets: J Wisdom
Portland gets: E2-13
Eugene's done a nice job of completely rebuilding a lot of the roster without actually missing many steps.
February 27, 2020 Update
Vancouver Island cuts: J Yoshimoto
He's got negative value, you just eat that.
London gets: P Alkaranafil, E1-15, 2021 E1
Delmarva gets: W Pratch
The arms race in the capitol region has been fascinating.
Los Angeles gets: E1-17
London gets: 2021 E1/2
I guess Steve knows he's kinda at capacity for young guys.
Fort McMurray gets: D Brigham
Vancouver Island gets: 2021 E2, $500K
I don't think trading for cash is necessary with the salary moves in Vancouver, but Brigham to Fort Mac is giving that team some weapons.
February 26, 2020 Update
Denver gets: M Brake, J Leach
Eugene gets: E1-5
I see why you go with the more established thing in Brake, but I also see why you go for the #5 pick in the draft.
Texas gets: M Orion, E2-17
Ohio gets: N Whittington
So, Ohio's tired of not winning OIFLCup games, and they're going for broke here.
Texas gets: L Peine
Vancouver Island gets: T Mack
The first of what I anticipate being a handful of moves designed to maybe not owe six billion in tax.
February 25, 2020 Update
And now we're to the entry draft!
D.C. gets: E4-12
Texas gets: T Clardy
D.C. going for a sleeper shot instead of a guy who could make the back end of their roster.
D.C. gets: E5-5
Denver gets: E Kalp, $750K, $500K if E5-5 is a sleeper
Kalp is going to get a lot of minutes in Denver.
February 21, 2020 Update
This might be the last year "officially" for tax season woes.
Baltimore gets: D2-4
Vermont gets: T Blevins
An interesting trade; Blevins fills a role for Vermont, while Baltimore has someone they want here.
Delmarva gets: E1-1
Indianapolis gets: E1-4, D2-9
A way to flip and keep a good rook, while adding an asset.
Houston gets: D2
Los Angeles gets: E1-24
Interesting deal here, but LA's looking to save a few bucks after a couple of their signings here.
February 18, 2020 Update
D.C. signs: T Clardy
He's coming in as a camp body, but he's going to have a shot to make the roster there.
Vancouver Island gets: D2-13, 2021 E1, R Ledbetter
Eugene gets: D1-15, E2-9, E3-15, E4-15, E4-20, E5-12
Interesting deal here.
Fort McMurray gets: D2-27, E2-27
Texas gets: K Phillips
This works both ways - Fort Mac will get two roster guys, and Texas has a backup QB.
Texas gets: B Sheldon, E2-9, E3-13
Eugene gets: D1-17
Eugene's looking at this dispersal as a way to rebuild the roster without doing a formal rebuild.
Seattle gets: B Blaze, P O'Meara, J Hollingsworth, $1M, E2-15, E2-21, E3-19
D.C. gets: D1-19
Seattle playing for keeps, I see.
Vermont gets: P Abrahamson, B Fortney, A Albano, T O'Brien, J Barnhill, D2-4, E3-4
Philadelphia gets: D1-27, D1-31
Philly knows they're close to being good. Vermont is also getting some good depth here.
Chicago gets: J Westin, D1-19, D2-20
D.C. gets: M St. Germain, D1-24, D2-24
An interesting trade here, who will end up with the best player in this one?
February 17, 2020 Update
So this was a calm day.
Houston signs: F Harris
The last FAFFA domino, and he goes for triple what he's ever proven to be worth.
Houston cuts: T Clardy
He'll get a job somewhere.
Delmarva gets: D1, D2, $1.5M, P Alkaranafil
Houston gets: D1, D2, W Ryan, J Logan
A little cost cutting for Delmarva, and a bit of a move up in the dispersal.
Delmarva gets: E1, D2
Texas gets: W Wind
I see the point both ways here, but it's definitely a cost savings.
New York gets: D1-2
Mexico City gets: D1-6, A Zilanawala, K English, C Fernandez, E2-22, E3-14, E4-16, 2021 comp E2/3
Mexico City cashes in here for what will probably be Elliott Eades. Best player to NY, sure, but Mexico City needed this infusion.
Mexico City gets: D Dunavin, C Rhodes
Los Angeles gets: $1M
I was wondering if there was going to be an impact elsewhere of the $4M/year deal to Stackhouse. And there was.
Houston gets: M Lavergne, E1
Los Angeles gets: D Kreis
Lavergne was the biggest loser in the Stackhouse sweepstakes, and now Willy Robertson is.
Texas gets: D2-27, E2-27, E3-27
Vermont gets: T Baran, J Reese
Instead of sleeper shots, Vermont is using those picks for players now.
New York gets: E4-14, $1.175M
London gets: S Matua
This has been a wild day of trades.
New York gets: D Beard, $1M/sleeper with those picks
D.C. gets: D1-12, E2-21, E4-24, E5-4/6/9/11/14/16/19/22/24/27, $2M
That…is a lot of sleeper shots.
New York signs: C Kettlewell
He's the type of guy who could get a spot on this roster.
February 16, 2020 Update
Round two cleared signings:
Brinkhaven: B Denley, R Gentili, R Thomas, W Slevin
Chicago: S Maxey, L Schmyik
D.C.: D Sepulveda, H Reiss, R Evers, Z Degan
Delmarva: J Wells, B Rodgers
Denver: T Maloloyon, L Credille, D Poole
Eugene: K Taylor
Fort McMurray: S Cavaluz
Fort Worth: M Pittman, T Stoss, T Lucena, W Trudeau
Houston: D Sherratt
Indianapolis: R Townley
London: R Andrews, S Hasegawa
Los Angeles: L Zadovsky, J Stackhouse
Mexico City: B Smith, J Rohr, M Jacobs, J Bidwell
New York: A Phelps, B Meisinger, L Slagle, M Simpson, R Bush
Ohio: P Forest
Philadelphia: G Rauls
Portland: J Morrow
Vagabonds: C Goergen, M Lindsey, S Haverman, W Wilkes, B Gates, G Momon, G Simmons, T Lee, D Domenech, J Bernier
Vermont: B Maino, J Huff, K Folger, N Schopf, R Pauly
February 10, 2020 Update
Round one cleared signings:
Baltimore: D Wolstenholm, G Ward
Brinkhaven: A Byron, A Larsen, B Blind, F Poley, J Hankin, J Savage, M McMorris, P Rose, R dos Santos, S Farson, T Rush, W Brockson
D.C.: T Cunningham
Delmarva: M Loiselle
Denver: D Boll, E Collins, J Seton, L Butler, P Sokol, R Jackson, S Pacal, Z Hoover
Los Angeles: T Stallworth
Mexico City: S Guerrero
New York: B Spielman, D Herr, J Jones, T Watson
Ohio: B Schmitt
Ruidoso: J Graham, O Merson
Vagabonds: A Washington, D Alexander, E Bridges, J Rickerson, J Ferguson, K Jones, M Ogwynn, P Kwiatkowski, R Breshears
     R Bogart, R Tucker, W Baskin
Vermont: D Shadden, J Law
January 26, 2020 Update
Portland cuts: A Washington
Just an awful contract, and it's best here to get out from under it as possible.
Vermont gets: M Pouliout, R Hillitzer, R Moss, M Metz, E2-24, 2021 E4/4/5/5
New York gets: D1-6, D2-6, E5-27, E3-6, E4-6, E5-6
I see the point of it, but New York's going to get the best player in the deal with the D1-6.
January 20, 2020 Update
Vermont gets: C Staley, S Hughes
Seattle gets: E4-27
I mean, this is a blatant salary dump, but Vermont gets two useful players for a late draft pick. It works. Both project to play a bunch for the Storm.
January, 12, 2020 Update
First update of 2020!
Delmarva cuts: M Loiselle
They could very well get him back at a lot less, which is why guys want the 100% guarantee and not the 20%