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Week 20, 2018 Update
New York signs: A Morre
They're not losing the East because they lack a kicker sometime, let's just say that.
Texas cuts: B Schmidt
He's a good player; if someone gets hurt he may get a call.
San Antonio cuts: M Garbinsky
He was only there as a body; if he played the Rattlers were in big trouble.
Week 21 - New York cuts A Morre
Not as big a need as njuries don't happen in the OIFLCup Game.
Week 19, 2018 Update
With the obvious note that teams no longer playing don't have to worry about the 28-man limit with regard to injury.
New York cuts: J Manzak, M Oliver
Someone else coming soon with the Welker news.
Texas cuts: S Fleming, C Ruble
Utility gone now that starters are back.
San Antonio signs: M Garbinsky
An interesting move there, I'm not sure Garbinsky has anything left in the tank.
New York cuts: J Felder
This one hurts, he was a part of their future…but the OIFLCup Game is more important.
Week 18, 2018 Update
New York signs: J Manzak
Manzak has bounced around a little bit this year.
Texas signs: C Ruble, S Fleming, B Schmidt
Nice to have useful players on the scrap heap when you're missing half your starters.
Week 17, 2018 Update
Evansville signs: J Cortez
Yay the other 18th year guy gets a job!
New York signs: W Wilkes, M Oliver
Bodies required, bodies acquired.
Seattle signs: W Church
A guy who has gotten it done in the past, and Seattle may need him to play sometime.
San Francisco signs: R Garrett
Another guy who has gotten it done in the past, and the Sharks need him to play.
Evansville cuts: N Chiricosta, C Daoust
A lot of cuts here as a bunch of people got healthy at the same time.
Baltimore cuts: J Spellman
Spellman's played in a lot of games; I'm not sure I love this cut.
Texas cuts: C Ruble
Texas didn't have much of a choice; it was going to be a useful player getting cut.
Fort McMurray cuts: R Lee, C Morton
Unlike some other teams, the Fatmen cuts were not guys they'd signed for injury.
Chicago cuts: J Manzak
Another guy who may get picked up elsewhere.
Seattle signs: M Lewis
I guess PR wise it'd have been nice to see him for the last game in St. Louis, but oh well.
Week 16, 2018 Update
Ruidoso cuts: J Zagadaneca
Hey, he had a couple good weeks.
Delmarva signs: E Diallo, R Breshears
Delmarva signs: S Fleming, R Young
This is probably the end of the line for one of the great backs in OIFL history.
Omaha signs: R Young
He's not remotely the player he once was, but there is plenty of history at least with the management group here.
St. Louis sign: J Kob
Hey, get a guy for two weeks and first dibs on resigning.  Smart.
Week 15, 2018 Update
San Francisco signs: M Bailey
Bailey's a solid backup that may give the Sharks some good minutes.
Week 14, 2018 Update
Baltimore signs: D Morgan, M Stotts
Well, they need depth - and these guys are better than some of the Breaker backups.
Wisconsin cuts: G Hoffert
Pucci's their guy, so Hoffert goes back.
New York signs: E Ekebi
New York cuts: M Oliver
Run of the middle bottom-roster dealing
Fort Worth cuts: M Navarro
I mean, it wasn't going to be an impact guy.
Los Angeles signs: G Hoffert
And that fills a desperate need.
Week 13, 2018 Update
New York cuts: J Kristen
Kristen wasn't a long-term guy here, but since they had a spot they kept him around for a couple extra weeks.
Evansville signs: C Daoust
He's on the "71 express" as we call 4-A baseball players in Cleveland (AAA affiliate is in Columbus)
Delmarva signs: B Nordhoff
Easy call here, Nordhoff is a good kicker still and the Legacy need one.
Fort McMurray cuts: B O'Neill
Tough call, but McMahon is younger, so he gets to stay.
Ruidoso signs: J Zagadaneca
Finally getting a kicker!
Week 12, 2018 Update
New York cuts: W Slevin
Chicago signs: J Manzak
Manzak will fill a hole as Chicago's line has a few of them right now.
Texas cuts: W Wilkes
Wilkes might find a job elsewhere.
St. Louis signs: J Thiel
John-Mark's first signing is not a major one.
Houston cuts: K Mayes, B Nordhoff, D Albright
Houston signs: W Brielmeyer, S Hasegawa, B Heath
Two of those signings have just recently been elsewhere; Houston's paying attention to what the league is doing in their bid to improve.
Week 11, 2018 Update
Evansville cuts: S Hasegawa
He stuck around awhile since the Squirrels kept getting hurt.
San Antonio cuts: D Jackson
Jackson can still help someone in depth.
Chicago cuts: W Brielmeyer
I know he's a kicker, but I don't see him staying unemployed.
New York signs: W Slevin
He won't last long.
Week 10, 2018 Update
Fort McMurray signs: B O'Neill
They need a kicker since the Harvey method isn't gonna fit them.
New York signs: J Kristen, M Oliver
Solid backups that will help them a bit in depth.
D.C. cuts: M Bailey
Bailey's got the goods to help someone.
Wisconsin signs: G Hoffert
Hey, they won one without a kicker, but didn't want to try two.
Evansville cut: C Daoust
He'll get picked up somewhere.
Week 9, 2018 Update
Fort McMurray signs: L Ruff
Ruff is effectively an injury replacement for Traveon Beck, but I suspect he's not the one that's cut when Beck gets back.
Week 8, 2018 Update
Texas signs: W Wilkes, C Ruble
Bodies needed…bodies acquired.
Houston gets: R Dangola, R Heller, E2
Evansville gets: C Cuff, R Peck
Apparently Sashi Brown is now an OIFL owner.
Delmarva cuts: R Breshears
I suspect with injuries they try to stash him back for long-term.
Week 7, 2018 Update
Indianapolis gets: E3, E4
Delmarva gets: P Sweeney
Strange, as Sweeney might be a future type guy, but the Legacy will take him.
Delmarva gets: J Mouton, T Maison
Texas gets: K Ludeman, N Nash, J Bullock
Texas cuts: J Bullock
Nash fits more of a need - Texas is playing for keeps right now, so they need straight fits. Ludeman is a clear backup for Crawford.
Delmarva should be happy with their haul here as well.
Delmarva gets: D Boll, J Anko, $1M
Houston gets: D Domenech
Basically, this trade flurry is my penance for the week off.
Houston gets: P Alkaranafil
Philadelphia gets: S Heath, R Friedman, $500K
Philadelphia cuts: S Heath
Definitely these types of moves will get Philly turned around. Alkaranafil fits a need for Houston as well, but at a high price.
Houston gets: B Rozier, R Crouse
Omaha gets: C Blitzem
Youth must be the idea for the Marshals.
Houston signs: L Hilton
Houston cuts: D Vuich
Kind of a push though Hilton can go two ways in a pinch.
D.C. gets: M Bailey, K Makhoul
Delmarva gets: A Distorbo
OK, now I see it - Bill Lang doesn't fit in an option offense anymore.
Chicago gets: W Brielmeyer
Eugene gets: E5
So it was a brotherly-love rental.
Omaha gets: D Greywacz
Vancouver Island gets: N Stokes, E1, PHI E2, $2M, $2M if Omaha makes OIFLCup XVIII
With Buchanan back, I suspect we're seeing the Blitz go back to the run option that James Bordain showed as a rookie.
Vancouver Island cuts: W Church
He's going to probably find his way to two more rosters as the year goes on.
Houston cuts: L Hilton
Houston signs: D Albright
Well, at least Hilton had a couple days…
Evansville cuts: B Schmidt
A little surprise, though Schmidt's career just never worked.
Los Angeles cuts: C Ruble
Ruble's going to be a fringe guy until he hangs it up.
Week 6, 2018 Update
San Antonio signs: D Jackson
Body required, body acquired.
Los Angeles cuts: D Albright
Albright is a good enough young guy to get a look somewhere else.
Omaha signs: T Bayfield, B Rozier
These are quality players to find on the junk heap, and Omaha needs those.
Omaha gets: M Killawa, E2
Philadelphia gets: R Jackson, L Butler
I don't love the idea of trading an early E2 for two soon-to-age guys, but Philly needs more today talent.  Killawa's a backup, so it works.
Philadelphia signs: J Collins
Philadelphia cuts: J Castle, A Plewa
Philly can't cut all the bad weight, but I think we're going to see more of these as they get cash to do so.
Week 4 2018 Update
Evansville signs: S Hasegawa, N Chiricosta
Ben, not a fan of these names.
Fort Worth signs: R Albertini
A good choice on the short notice.
Week 3 - July 24, 2018 Update
Evansville signs: B Schmidt
This was the obvious choice for depth when Moore got hurt.
Los Angeles signs: D Fry, C Ruble, J Tobin
Los Angeles cuts: W Robertson
Getting some veteran depth, which they need.
London cuts: T Kiwi
Tough call, as there were no obvious cuts here.
July 21, 2018 Update
Huntington cuts: G Qualley
Definitely a bust of a pick with how his camps went.
Ruidoso cuts: G Lambert, R Perez
The injury gave them two openings for cuts, but it was still a no brainer.
July 19, 2018 Update
Happy 43rd wedding anniversary to my parents!
Vancouver Island signs: W Church
Definitely a solid pickup for the short-term he'll be needed.
Ruidoso gets: E Cohen, M Ogwynn
Omaha gets: B Stern
Stern is an elite-of-the-elite OS for another year - obviously, the Blackhawks now feel their window is open today.
Evansville signs: A James
James is exactly the veteran type that the Squirrels like to pick up in these spots.
July 13, 2018 Update
Baltimore cuts: G Fox, B Gentry
May see one of these guys back in Baltimore.
Ohio cuts: S Green, J Ladd, B Story, J Kuttler
Nothing lost here.
Eugene cuts: K Dorius, J Edenfield, M Manning, J Currier, C Santos, C Nordine, D Drake
Other than Drake, we have guys who with about four FA camp workings might turn into a useful guy for a year or two.
San Francisco cuts: E Peterson, R Chandler, S Hasegawa, B Rozier, D Fry, R Malone
San Francisco signs: G Wilson
Wilson is an upgrade, and at a good price.  FA guys lack the ability to get a lot right now.
Los Angeles cuts: J Kob
Long name, but that's the only notable thing.
Indianapolis cuts: C Dennison, L McGeough, W O'Donahue, R Luce, C Mead, S Pappas
Probably could use to sign about five FA and cut five more guys, but this is a start.
Portland signs: D Drake
Portland cuts: E Ely
That did not take long.
Houston signs: C Mead, C Satterwhite, E Deblinger, N Jensen
Houston cuts: J Lofton, W Wilkes, R Aaron, B Gaulke
Interesting set of moves there.
Baltimore signs: J Spellman
Good pickup for the Breakers.
July 12, 2018 Update - Cut Down Day!
Delmarva cuts: T Shepherd, R Smith, D Craven
There might not be as many "wow" names getting cut as I thought a few weeks ago.
D.C. cuts: T Maddox, J Angermeier, R Lovelace, P Street
Maddox and Street may have a place somewhere, but D.C. is too good probably for it to be there.
San Antonio cuts: L Hilton, L Patel, F Pilarowski
OK, these are names, but not sure the production meets the historical name anymore.
Eugene gets: W Brielmeyer
Chicago gets: E5
I'd probably have kept the E5 and signed a FA for the week, but Brielmeyer is a rookie.
Evansville cuts: J Lightning, J Collins, C Gerhart
Evansville fondly pushes into the sunset: J Yerkes
Yerkes is one of the all time great OIFL players, and certainly one of the three best Squirrels, a vital cog to two Squirrel OIFLCup wins.
He will be missed on the field.
Houston cuts: R Garrett, W Slevin, B Schmidt, L Ruff, T Mana Loa, T Hickey, J Dulisse, N Chiricosta, E Diallo
And Houston's going to be quite the young team.
Portland cuts: D Alexander, R Thomas, G Harper, W Montgomery, M Weissbeck
No surprises here.
San Francisco signs: J MacLagan
They need one of those.
Chicago cuts: R Albertini, N Jensen, H Sewell, R Chandlis, D Jackson, E Deblinger
Probably not much here, though the Albertini cut is an absolute shocker - from starter to gone in one offseason.
Evansville cuts: G Persinger, M Lewis, K Boston
Boston will probably be back when he's healthy and the Squirrels get injuries; that seems to be their relationship now.
Wisconsin cuts: L Williams, D Harrell, J Flax
Williams and Flax have been around awhile, so it's a bit of a surprise.
Ruidoso cuts: C Eyrich, E Vinicka, W Lim, D Seipt
Lim may find a home somewhere, even though he tackles like me.
Texas cuts: E Hice, M Garbinsky, J Snowden
Hice and Garbinsky were painfully close to making the roster.
London gets: C Goergen, E4
Huntington gets: E2
Interesting move - London needed some line help, so they made a draft move to get it.
New York cuts: A Reyeb, M Oliver
Two guys that could find work somewhere.
Fort Worth cuts: K Johns, W Dolawsky, J Graber, E Peek, M Pica
A statement of how much United has improved, Graber used to be a top WRDB guy off the bench and play weekly.
London cuts: H Zuazo, H Larson, W Wenwirk, A Zimmerman, S Meadows, J Alsop, F Cassio
Not a whole lot of value here.
D.C. gets: M Schweiger
London gets: F Poley
Monarchs got their full line now, I'd guess.
Houston gets: C Tolosa
London gets: $5M
London got a pretty penny for a young guy they weren..wait, did Steve just dump a decent rookie and not get 17 picks in return?
D.C. cuts: J Cortez, J Brockson
Cortez is an 18th year guy, so you know I like him.
July 8, 2018 Update
Houston cuts: A James, D Killebrew, M Lansdale, W Price
Not a lot here, though someone on this pile might get play
July 6, 2018 Update
London cuts: C Williamson, S Moore
They're not going to make it, so why keep them?
Sacramento cuts: A Pate, W Rouselle
May as well get it over with now, because if they got hurt, they'd be on the Sacto payroll.
July 4, 2018 Update
Texas signs: W Laurence, T Maison
Interesting signing, after some moves be made.
Houston cuts: E Ekebi, C Dionisio, J Thiel, J Blackburn
Well, can't say Will isn't changing the roster up…
Houston gets: B Heath, K Mayes
San Antonio gets: $501K
Free money for the Rattlers.
Houston signs: R Garrett
Well, he did play nearby in College Station for a spell.
Houston gets: B Brawn, J Anko
Philadelphia gets: 2020 E1, F Porter, K Vickenlooper, $3.75M
Brawn was a very good piece for Philly, but they had to make this trade.
Evansville gets: E5, future considerations, $3M
Houston gets: D Vuich, S McGinty, M Frank
Houston is using their excess cash to get guys that they then don't have to fight other teams for in FA. Makes sense.
June 25, 2018 Update
Philadelphia cuts: R Grainer, J Austin, C Satterwhite, L Fan
They were mostly obvious. Philly tied up with guaranteed deals right now.
Houston cuts: K Kieper, L Rogers, B Skwarlo, S Carroll, D Kanuri, B Reilly
Houston signs: H Budmister, T Mana Loa, J Thiel, M Metz, J Lofton, T Hickey, M Lansdale
Will starting off fast.
Evansville cuts: L Brown D Johnson
Yeah, this isn't the type of cutting that creates a lot of excitement.
Houston gets: M Guiel, J Kettelle, A James
Delmarva gets: E3, E4, 2020 E2
Houston, again, starting fast.
Houston gets: H Black, R Peck, R Volk, W Blitzem
Texas gets: E1, E2, 2020 E3/4
It's a risk there because that E1 might be high, but Houston's planning for it to not be all that high.
June 20, 2018 Update
Sacramento gets: J Nunez
Vancouver Island gets: P Goodwin, E3
The Blitz needed a receiver, and Nunez helps shore up the Rampage line a bit.  Good move.
Omaha gets: R Jackson
Sacramento gets: E3 E5
Interesting trade - Rampage cut a little payroll after the Nunez move.
Baltimore signs: M Samuels, B Tomlinson
Breakers need depth badly, and now they have some.
New York cuts: J Jerrett, G Blatenberger
These guys may find jobs - especially Blatenberger
June 12, 2018 Update
Hey, an update!
Fort McMurray signs: C Fetter
Look, Fetter's no one's idea of a star, but he's going to add some depth at a spot the Fatmen need it.
Wisconsin cuts: A Caspersen, J Thompson, R Herndon, J Linzeth, B Tomlinson
Some names there, but I'm not sure they're useful names.
Omaha signs: B Schmitt, D BrownLee
Omaha cuts: L Ritterberg
Omaha needs the depth, so it makes sense.
June 1, 2018 Update
Other than when I was studying for the CPA exam and we started a season in September, this has to be about the longest
break between updates on this page we've had.
Seattle cuts: K Ainsworth, J Ouilime, J Cornell, D Ellis, D Johnson, M Bell, W Anderson, R Dalbey, B Rogers, J Jiles, M MacDonald, D Carothers
Hey, at least some of them got paid!
Evansville gets: E4, E5
Baltimore gets: J Welker
Simple trade, Evansville gets something for a cut guy.
Omaha gets:  A Pettyfer
Texas gets:  E4
Not sure the angle here unless they really really don't believe in Stokes.
New York cuts: W Church, J Thiel, T Meyers, D MacClellan
MacClellan has a shot to make a roster as a backup, and the other guys will be in the old folks league at the rec center.
D.C. cuts: T Stark, J Salas, T Jefferson, P Schroeder, M Blevins, A McDaniel, D Walters, G Parks, J Amberg, A Hillow, E Kespel, T Kimberling,
R Smith, D Stevenson, R Roe, J Millaire
Not even bothering with the scrimmage to keep any of these guys.
San Antonio cuts: T Gerosthanamos, A Smith, V Pulling, E Reece, R Lemongell, T LaDow, B Pitts, D Arthur, J Casey
It's all rookies here, so whatever.
March 18, 2018 Update
Delmarva cuts: D Wolff, S Farley
And that's the last you'll probably ever hear of either of them.
Seattle signs: D Ellis, M Bell, D Johnson, J Cornell
They're camp fodder.  They have to be.
Los Angeles signs: D Ladd
Nice guaranteed check for the guy
Delmarva signs: K Ludeman
Another guy with whom one of them have experience.
March 12, 2018 Update
Los Angeles signs: D Albright, W Robertson
Interesting moves - probably camp fodder.
March 11, 2018 Update
Omaha gets: $1.7M
London gets: D Kautz, 2019 E2
I mean, I know why Omaha did it - but I'm not sure how it helps London a lot.
March 10, 2018 Update
London gets: 2019 E2, E4
Sacramento gets: J Jones
The deal works both ways, I'd say. Sacramento gunning for this year, now, it seems clear.
March 7, 2018 Update
Ruidoso gets: E3-2, E3-10, E3-20, E3-21, E3-24
London gets: $250K, 2019 E2
Ruidoso's E2 probably won't be all that early, so I'm not sure the advantage for London here beyond just wanting to avoid sleeper issues.
March 5, 2018 Update
D.C. gets: 2019 E2
London gets: G Ward, E5-19
Interesting trade - I'm not sure London has the space for another young RB heir.
D.C. signs: J Brockson
Brockson fills the hole Ward leaves, though the Conspiracy roster is plenty large.
March 4, 2018 Update
Omaha gets: N Stokes, S Ginez, R Crouse
Sacramento gets: A Rodgers, J Boyce, W Hill
Wow, big statement move for Sacramento. Omaha cuts salary, and Sacramento makes a playoff push.
Delmarva gets: W Atkinson, B Roman-Ayers
Eugene gets: M Toboggan, M Brake, E2-30, E5-30, E5-31
Eugene deciding they need to get a bit younger. No shock Atkinson was a big target for Delmarva.
Texas gets: M Garbinsky, E Hice
Delmarva gets: D Domenech
Garbinsky and Hice for a moment had a small shot to make the Delmarva roster, but now they're camp fodder.
Eugene gets: S Bagbey
Portland gets: D Beedell, E2-30
Eugene also looking to cut a little bit of salary, it appears, with that age.
March 3, 2018 Update
New York signs: D MacClellan, L Adama
MacClellan may actually make the roster.
March 1, 2018 Update
London gets: 2019 E1
Delmarva gets: E1-21
Is there actually that much assurance this pick will be higher next year?
Chicago gets: K Neighbors
Eugene gets: E2-29
Well certainly the Knights don't need Neighbors anymore.
February 27, 2018 Update
Wisconsin signs: J Tuioti, K Gibbs
Warlords definitely working the back end of their roster around.
Ohio signs: R Johns
Johns is a solid backup for Berkstead.
February 26, 2018 Update
Seattle signs: M MacDonald
It's camp fodder, but he's getting six figures for it…
Wisconsin signs: J Loftin, K Folger
Definitely good depth add - Loftin is still trainable.
February 25, 2018 Update
Sacramento gets: D1-22
Evansville gets: E2-10
Evansville may have gotten a trainable piece that makes their roster here.
San Antonio gets: T Rush, E5-20
Omaha gets: D1-25
This one works both ways - the Rattlers like Rush better than anything in the dispersal, and Omaha sheds a little salary.
February 23, 2018 Update
New York signs: M Oliver, J Felder, R Newman
Seems like camp fodder only, but New York may keep multiple guys from these signings.
February 22, 2018 Update
Los Angeles signs: J French
French may actually make the roster.
Ohio gets: E3-1, E3-29
Texas gets: H Greene
This deal may just work both ways. Buster loves guys who can do "something" great, and Ohio needs more flexibility.
February 21, 2018 Update
Delmarva signs: M Guiel
He got a minimum deal, but he has a nonzero chance of making the Legacy roster.
D.C. gets: A Byron, J Hollingsworth
Texas gets: J Mouton, S Morris
An interesting deal between the OIFLCup Game participants of this past year.
February 20, 2018 Update - Second round signings
Arizona signs: B Nordhoff, N Chiricosta, R Auger, D Boll
D.C. signs: P Street, J Salas, T Maddox, J Stones, A McDaniel, D Walters
Delmarva signs: J Diek, B Babcock, M Toboggan, H Roth, G Duffield, T Bradford, G o'Campo, J Floyd, B Lang
E Hice, J Bullock, R Young (this would have been nice in 2012), M Brake, M Garbinsky
Evansville signs: D Vuich, S McGinty, M Fly, M Lewis
Fort Worth signs: E Yates (yes, really)
Los Angeles signs: C Rhodes
New York signs: G Blatenberger, B O'Dell
Ohio signs: V Bloom
Ruidoso signs: D Takechi, L Warren, D Peaches
San Antonio signs: H LaCrosswell, L Patel, K Mayes, S Maxey, L Hilton
San Francisco signs: J Rohr
Seattle signs: D Carothers, W Anderson, R Dalbey
Texas signs: D Prettenhoffer, J Mack
Vancouver Island signs: B Harris
Wisconsin signs: B Tomlinson
February 11, 2018 Update - First round signings
New York signs: W Church, D Montgomery, O Merson, T Meyers, J Thiel
D.C. signs: T Stark, J Cortez, R Bush, J Westin, T Jefferson, J Angermeier, M Blevins, P Schroeder
Delmarva signs: A Torres, J Cairo, L Czarniecki, S Svarth, J Kettelle, A James, K Makhoul, S Fleming, N Nash, M Dilworth
Evansville signs: C Kettlewell, K Boston, J Lightning, J Welker, C Daoust, J Collins, B Rivera
Texas signs: C Peach
Baltimore signs: K Dunker, T Blevins
Fort Worth signs: L Arundel
Chicago signs: A Smith
Arizona signs: D Killebrew, E Diallo
San Francisco signs: J Law, B Hauver
Indianapolis signs: D Kelly
February 4, 2018 Update
Omaha gets: W Blitzem
Sacramento gets: G Langley
Omaha working to get the salary down a hair here.
January 28, 2018 Update
D.C. gets: A Distorbo, 2019 E1, E3
Indianapolis gets: T Fairchild, D1-25, E2-16, E3-18, 2019 E1, $600K
Interesting trade; didn't think D.C. was that salary-conscious.
January 25, 2018 Update
St. Louis gets: E2-6, E2-24, E3-27, D1-22, T Lucena, M Mueller, 2019 E2,3,4,5
New York gets: K Sherman
Blockbuster! Holy mackerel! Rush with the rebuild, AND they actually get multiple "now parts." New York sending the
clear message that a second round exit (coincidentally, at home to St. Louis) is NOT acceptable.
St. Louis gets: E Thomas
San Antonio gets: R Mansaur
Interesting trade. Another $$$ move.
D.C. gets: E2-16, V Tyler
Ohio gets: C Sarvas
Very interesting deal - not sure why DC is shedding payroll there, but Tyler is stellar.
Omaha gets: M Ogwynn, E1-9
Sacramento gets: H Hoffman
Quietly the Rampage are building a really good team.
Sacramento gets: P McLeod
Texas gets: C Blitzem
Quiet backup-for-backup deal that everyone will be happy with, ultimately.
January 14, 2018 Update
Seattle gets: E5-4
Fort McMurray gets: M Braun
It's an obvious salary dump, but the Fatmen will capitalize for cheap.
Seattle gets: E4-11
San Antonio gets: E5-15, D Pollock
Another salary dump, but Seattle is moving into sleeper shot territory.
Seattle gets: E4-28
Texas gets: M Rose
Another dump. Seattle trying to clear up space from bad contracts of years past.
January 9, 2018 Update
Vancouver Island gets: E1-5
Indianapolis gets: D1-16, E1-18, E1-25
The Racers need bodies, so this makes sense. Bill is trying to build up the back side for when the front side gets old.
January 8, 2018 Update
Vancouver Island gets: E1-7
Huntington gets: E1-26, M Simpson
There goes Bill wheeling and dealing to move up in the draft. But this time, he's not trading starters to do it.
Huntington gets: M Wobet, E1-19
Sacramento gets: D1-5
Huntington's wheeling and dealing now, aren't they. Not sure I like dealing the D1-5 here, but Wobet has played a bunch.
December 22, 2017 Update
St. Louis gets: $15M
Huntington gets: D Strachan
It's a blockbuster move. Huntington makes their first big play in franchise history here, and it's a huge one.