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February 14, 2019 Update
February 13, 2019 Update
Huntington gets: D1-12, E2-12, E2-31, E3-3, E5-12, 2020 E2-3-4-5, J Floyd
Delmarva gets: D1-3, R Kuntzelman
I think this one makes sense both ways. Delmarva will get best player, but Floyd's a good consolation prize, and sleeper shots.
Delmarva gets: E1-2
Texas gets: D1-3
Indianapolis maybe the big winner here, as they were hoping for the E1-20 pick at D1-4, and assuredly Texas won't take that.
Texas gets: T Baran, C Satterwhite
Houston gets: C Affinito
Texas clearly moving pieces that aren't in long term plans for pieces that could be.
February 9, 2019 Update
Indianapolis gets: E Diallo, E3-28
Delmarva gets: K Weindruch
I'm interested to see what Chris does with the Racers roster.
February 7, 2019 Update
Houston gets: A Wund, S Svarth, J Diek, $1.5M
Delmarva gets: D1-2, S Kofe, C Maugham, R Crouse
Maugham is a former Garrie guy, so there's a connection there.  The D1-2 is the key to the move.
February 6, 2019 Update
Delmarva gets: L Nash
Vancouver Island gets: $1M
Nash is a long long time Bill guy, but this team's trying to get younger and rebuild around Bordain, so off he goes!
Baltimore cuts: C Lattimore
Not screwing around; this Breakers team is gunning for an OIFLCup.
Baltimore gets: D Dodrill
Eugene gets: C Adams, E2
Oh my - Dodrill gives Gunn another weapon for a wild Baltimore offense.
February 3, 2019 Update
Houston gets: PHI E2, 2020 NY E1-2-3-4-5, A Cruz, G Helm
New York gets: B Brawn, J Tuia, $7M
The freespending Marshals have returned.
London gets: $250K, E4
Delmarva gets: F Poley, C Goergen
Steve's still got a lot of good youth there; this London team will still make the playoffs, but it's a one year step back.
Houston gets: K English, T Lucena, E Thomas, C Maugham
Mexico City gets: H Black, M Guiel, M Frank, 2019 PHI E2, 2020 NY E1-2-3-4-5
Again - Will's going all out now. John-Mark more than happy to oblige while trying a rebuild on the fly.
Indianapolis gets: P Kopfstein
New York gets: $600K, E5-4
Obviously Kopfstein is not going to win OIFLCups, but he's going to be the bridge to Kelly while Hiruma's gone.
February 2, 2019 Update
New York gets: S Haverman
London gets: Something down the road (2021 E2)
Steve's cutting payroll.  Jeff's looking for Payton Dumont and Paulie Reynolds to recreate the 2011 Sno-Dogs.
Houston gets: C Eastmond, S Kofe
Mexico City gets: B Rozier, M Metz, B Heath, C Mead, $1M
The relocated group knows that roster wasn't winning, so a blow-up is imminent.
January 27, 2019 Update
Our 19th year!!!
Vancouver Island gets: S Maivia, E1, VAN E4
New York gets: N Stokes, PHI E2, VAN E5
Well, Wyandt's a two time champ, but New York always looks for the future. Maivia is a good add for an oft-beleaguered Blitz defense.
London gets: O Quicksilver, C Blitzem, S Ginez, 2020 E1
Omaha gets: E Peoples, L Clarke, E3, $750K
Really London's not taking a huge step back here, and getting rid of the LB issue that was Clarke might help.
London gets: J Silverstein
Sacramento gets: G Ward
Kind of a shuffling of backups to places where they're more needed.  It works.